I would like to provide county residents of some 2018 statistics for the Brown County Sheriffs office.

For 2018, the Brown County Sheriffs dispatch had received approximately 14,060 calls for service, approximately 40 calls per day, this includes the City of Hiawatha, Town and Country Ambulance, Squad 48 and tribal police. Brown County deputies were responsible for approximately 8,841 of those calls for the 2018 year or approximately 24 calls/cases per day.

The following are most of the statistics of what was handled at the Brown County Sheriffs office level.

911 calls, misdials, hang-ups 963
warrants 197
chase-pursuits 9
DUI, K-9 and Narcotics 80
accidents 273
domestic 45
animal calls 177
traffic stops 2042
criminal damage 15
assist other agencies 172
assist motorists 447
community policing/civil 85
illegal dumping 15
alarm calls 60
burglary/theft 57
trespass 23
offender registration 309
process service 1486
pedestrian checks/suspicious person 211
vehicle unlock 295
VIN’s 249
reckless driving 257
welfare checks 99
misc calls 245
fire test 342
transports 121
road blocked 69

The jail portion of the Sheriffs Office has held over 600 different inmates in the 2018 year with an average daily population of 26. These inmates are all arrests of Brown County entities. Very seldom do we house any out of county inmates and if so, is done for a very short period of time under special circumstance.

Each deputy patrols an average over 150-200 miles per shift, going through the small towns daily. Vehicle stops are an important part of crime deterrent as office presence is not favored by those who choose to break the law. Statistics have proven that an active law enforcement agency has a major impact on reducing crime rates and according to the KBI CRIME INDEX for Brown County, we have the lowest crime rate in our northeast Kansas area compared to other counties. This refers only to the county crime rate, not the cities within the county.

I would like to express my thank you to our county residents for their cooperation and support of the Brown County Sheriffs office. Many are very comfortable reporting issues that happen within the county which helps us solve crime due to increased patrol and passing on of the information to the appropriate authorities.

Phone: 785-742-7125