I would like to take this opportunity to remind the public of school zones, we need to exercise a little extra caution when driving.

Remember that the kids are going to be focusing on getting to school, so their minds might not be on looking both ways before crossing the street so please look out for them. Some will be riding bicycles, so drivers be alert to the possibility of the kids darting in and out of traffic. It is a fact that more kids are struck by cars near schools than any other location.

The buses are headed out to the rural areas and harvest just upon us, take some extra time and be aware of our surroundings, especially intersections where tall crops such as corn can hinder clear view from different directions.

NEVER pass a bus if the emergency lights are flashing and the stop arm is extended, YOU MUST STOP.

Please give our school bus drivers every courtesy as they have the safety of our children in their hands and we have a very dedicated group of caring individuals in our county and they deserve our utmost cooperation!

Teenage drivers will also be on the road going to and from school. Remember, these are young drivers with limited driving experience so we must all look out for each other and drive defensively. We not only have to be aware of our own driving, but the other motor vehicles as well.

If you are running late it just doesn’t pay to try to make your time up on the road.

Sheriff John D Merchant
Brown County Sheriff’s Office
709 Utah Street
Hiawatha KS 66434
(785) 742-7125

Phone: 785-742-7125