I would like to make the public aware of more scam activity that is circulating the Brown County area. I have had several concerns from residents that they are receiving phone calls that show up on their caller ID as local numbers. When they answer the phone call, it turns out to be a solicitor with a foreign accent trying to gain financial information. When the number is called back it is received by the person who owns the phone and they completely oblivious to the fact that their number has been used in connection with a scam.
What is happening is the scammers are programming local numbers to be shown on caller ID’s of their intended victims, but in reality, these calls are most likely coming from out of the country. By scammers using local numbers, residents feel that they can answer the calls and this makes them easier victims of the scam.
We are asking everyone: DO NOT RELY ON YOUR CALLER ID FOR VERIFICATION OF A CALLER. Scammers can program any number to show up on caller ID’s. This, unfortunately is where we are at with technology today and the worst part is that in most cases, the calls are unable to be traced.
We are sending out a familiar reminder the the public, NEVER GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE OR COMPUTER.

Sheriff John D Merchant
Brown County Sheriff’s Office
709 Utah Street
Hiawatha KS 66434
(785) 742-7125

Phone: 785-742-7125