I have been made aware of a new scam that has hit our area just recently.

County residents are receiving calls from people with Hispanic accents stating that they are from the US Treasury Dept., IRS, or the U S Government and would like to recognize these county residents as those who pay their taxes in a timely manner, have not had any trouble with the law and have been good citizens.

Residents have been informed they would be given anywhere from $9,000-$15,000 and are asking residents if they would like the money direct deposited or a money order. This is an attempt to gain access to your bank accounts and deplete your hard earned money.

I am suggesting if residents receive these calls to hang up or inform the caller to contact local law enforcement as we have had a high percentage rate of repeat calls ceasing when the caller is informed law enforcement has been contacted. Please remember to NEVER give out any personal information over the phone or internet and if something sounds too good to be true, it is. If you have any questions please notify your local law enforcement.

This is a new scam that is just hitting our area and we are trying our best to make sure we do not have any residents fall victim to these callers.

Sheriff Merchant

Phone: 785-742-7125