I would like to inform the public of more concerns about unsolicited suspicious packages that county residents have been receiving in the mail. I have taken a number of complaints from citizens who are receiving packages from Wuhan China being sent through the Postal Service.

These packages have contained everything from Cartier jewelry, face masks, seeds, clothing and household tools. One thing in common is that they all show that the package originates from Wuhan, China based on the return address label. Some of the packages have the residents name and address as well as their phone number across the address label. I again contacted the postal inspectors and made them aware of what has been received and if they were aware of any contamination or motive behind the unsolicited packages.

This far, I have been informed that there appears to be no contamination nor reason why random people are receiving these packages. If you are the recipient of such a packages and you did not order it—-Mark “RETURN TO SENDER” across the face of the package and return to your local post office. If the package has been opened, the postal inspector recommends throwing it away.

As a precaution, please keep in contact with your bank to make sure unauthorized withdrawals are not being made from your accounts and that there are no unauthorized charges to your credit card accounts.

Below is information received from Paul Shade, Postal Inspector Public Information Officer:

A company sends you a gift in the mail — a tie, a good luck charm, or a key chain. You didn’t order the gift. What do you do? Many people will feel guilty and pay for the gift. But you don’t have to. What you do with the merchandise is entirely up to you.

*If you have not opened the package, mark it “Return to Sender.” The Postal Service will send it back at no charge to you.
*If you open the package and don’t like what you find, throw it away.
*If you open the package and like what you find, keep it — free. This is a rare instance where “finders, keepers” applies unconditionally.
Whatever you do, don’t pay for it — and don’t get conned if the sender follows up with a phone call or visit. By law, unsolicited merchandise is yours to keep.

Victims can contact the USPS at 1-877-876-2455 with any questions regarding unsolicited packages.

Phone: 785-742-7125