We have recently been alerted that there are several more scams circulating our area.

There have been at least 3 reports today (June 13th) from individuals who have received text messages on their cell phones. The message states that your account is about to close and you are being asked to go to another site to provide information.

This site is asking for personal information such as DATE OF BIRTH, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, etc. If you feel you have any accounts in question, contact these people directly and do not reply on text messages. Once information is sent using text messages, it cannot be retrieved.

We have also been notified that there are people going door to door stating they are with RAINBOW and trying to collect cash payments. Rainbow has notified us that this is definitely a scam and if you do have individuals representing themselves as working WITH Rainbow, contact your local law enforcement at once.

It has also been reported that residents have been contacted by telephone by someone who is stating they are Kurt Saylor from the Morrill and Janes bank. The caller ID on their phone shows “Kurt Saylor” and also gives his phone number.

With current technology, unscrupulous people are able to input any person or phone number they wish, which will show up on your caller ID. We are reminding people to never trust your caller ID and to make sure you know who you are talking to over the phone.

It is unknown at this time what angle these callers are working but we are assuming they are using a reputable person to gain information from unsuspecting people for financial gain of some kind.

If you do receive such a call, you are urged to call the Morrill and Janes bank at 785-284-3433 and then report to your local law enforcement if needed.

Phone: 785-742-7125