I would like to inform residents of a new scam circulating our area.

It begins as residents being contacted by phone stating that they had won a Publishers Clearing house monetary prize. The resident is then given a phone number to call and are instructed to send a money order to an Ohio address. This man states he is James Anderson. After the money is received in Ohio, a package is mailed to the resident containing a personal check—the amount varies from $250,000—$500,000. This is a very realistic personal check made out to the county resident. After the package containing the check is received by the county resident, James Anderson again contacts the resident by phone stating that in order to cash the check , taxes need to be paid, this time the resident is instructed to send a money order to a New Hampshire address. When the personal check sent to the resident was researched, it came back to a bank account in Namibia, Africa.

Our casework has been forwarded to the KS ATTY GENERALS office and we are currently working with other agencies as this is happening throughout the United States.

I understand that with the current economic crisis, people are very vulnerable. When offers of “free money” come through sometimes it seems too good to pass up. Many of the victims are our elderly citizens who have worked their whole life and are barely making do on a fixed income, so when a huge amount of money is promised, they can be easily tricked in to sending their own hard earned money in hopes of becoming wealthy. PLEASE, do not send checks, cash or money orders out to anyone with the promise of getting rich quick—-THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN.

If something sounds too good to be true it usually is. I am asking that if anyone is receiving such solicitations and you are thinking about responding and sending money, please contact me or your local law enforcement. Please let us take a look at it first. Also, our county banks have been very good about advising elderly customers when they feel they are being scammed and wanting to purchase money orders for large sums of money.

As time goes by, scammers are becoming more effective on stealing your hard earned money so if you receive calls of being awarded large sums of money, hang up immediately. The longer they keep you on the phone, the more information they can get from you to make you a victim.

Phone: 785-742-7125