I would like to offer my appreciation to our public for the kindness shown to the Sheriff’s office during this COVID-19 virus ordeal. We have had a great group of Brown County residents that have made and dropped off masks, supplies, provided us with avenues to secure needed PPE equipment, food, offerings of financial support of victims and those in need, etc.

Routinely I have people calling or stopping in “while maintaining social distancing,” asking if we need anything, if there is anything they can do, offering words of encouragement and prayer, and keeping me up to date of any health concerns that could become an issue.
Some of our local residents had questions as to whether or not we would still be out in force, patrolling and enforcing laws and investigating criminal activity.

I reassured them we were still doing business as usual and explained in great detail that our staff had the needed supplies, equipment and training to do their job as safely as possible. I explained how we modified contact with potential suspects which still allowed us to hold those accountable that choose not to obey the law.

Through networking with other law enforcement agencies throughout the United States, most of us have decided that we cannot lessen our presence just because. After explaining this to several concerned families, they immediately offered supplies to the Sheriff’s office, knowing it would run them short–but wanted to help ensure the safety of the deputies and staff. This is the kind of support and kindness that has been shown to us. WE HAVE A WONDERFUL COUNTY, THANK YOU ALL!

Please remember to be kind and say a prayer for our emergency services, health department personnel, hospice workers, Doctors and Nurses, military, businesses, as well as other health care workers and many others who are working in the midst of this pandemic. Also, remember to check in on our elderly neighbors or those living alone who do not have friends or family, a simple call can mean a great deal.

I know times are difficult but we will get through this, just keep in mind we are all in this together.
As always, if you have questions or concerns–please let me know.

Sheriff John D Merchant
Brown County Sheriff’s Office

Phone: 785-742-7125