In the afternoon/evening hours of December 15, 2021, Brown County endured some of the worst weather conditions that we have experienced in many years. Wind gusts of 90+ miles per hour were estimated. Winds were so strong that emergency personnel could not open their doors unless they positioned their vehicles downwind. This storm caused significant losses to many Brown County residents. High winds persisted for many hours with heavy rain, lightning and hail for a short period of time. Trees and debris blown on to homes and damage to roofs, sheds, barns and outbuildings destroyed, overturned vehicles, downed electrical lines, etc. In several areas of the county semis were blown over in the roadways as well as residents reporting their vehicles overturned due to the high winds. Power outages were reported throughout most areas of the county. Downed power lines are still being dealt with. Several areas reporting fences down and livestock being rounded up. To date, no fatalities or major injuries have been reported which we are very grateful for. As a county, we are very blessed that we have dedicated emergency services, personnel and individuals who tirelessly help others when emergency situations such as this arise.
Many county residents helped clear roadways of downed trees and debris, provided assistance to friends and neighbors, helped warn motorists of downed power lines on the roads, etc.
Our dispatchers were flooded with calls for many hours and did a wonderful job of notifying emergency personnel to areas where immediate response was needed. Many calls were made to utility companies notifying them of power outages and downed lines. Deputies were at all ends of the county working though different emergency situations..
I would like to thank everyone for their assistance and patience during this catastrophic event and hope we never have to go through this again.


Sheriff John Merchant

Phone: 785-742-7125