Bob Hamilton, KDOT Law Enforcement Liaison presented the Brown County Sheriff’s office the 2020 AAA Community Platinum Traffic Safety Award. This the the fourth year in a row that the Brown County Sheriff’s office has received this award. This year, 32 awards have been presented to police departments and 12 to Sheriff’s office throughout Kansas.

Through community outreach and education efforts, collaboration with engineering and road departments, as well as enforcement in the areas of seatbelt usage, speed control, distracted driving and impaired driving, law enforcement agencies play a crucial role in keeping drivers, pedestrians and other users of our Kansas streets and highways safer.

Bob Hamilton is presenting this award to Brown County Undersheriff Brian Guilliams and Dispatch Sgt. Brittany Pagnano. Hamilton stated “The Platinum Award is the highest ranking award offered through AAA.” Undersheriff Guilliams would like to express his gratitude to AAA and KDOT for their partnership with law enforcement agencies across the state in focusing on traffic safety needs of law enforcement and citizens.

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