The Brown County Sheriffs Office is pleased to announce we have been awarded a $37,290 grant from Federal Criminal Justice Funding.

The grant will require a 10% match or approximately $4,000 to obtain. Grant writer and Brown County Safety Resource Officer J. D. Clary attended the grant award meeting last week and was informed of the decision to award the Brown County Sheriff Office the $37,290. The purpose of this grant will be to install MDU’s (Mobile Data Units) in each of the patrol vehicles.

This will allow officers to be able to complete reports immediately following an accident or call where an incident has been created. This not only allows for better recall of information from the officer, but will let the officer complete his or her paperwork in the county instead of having to come back to the Sheriffs office to complete. With deputies remaining in the county to work on their reports, more officer presence will be available which is a crime deterrent in itself.

There is a lot of down time for law enforcement when we are waiting for tow trucks to arrive at an accident scene or when a vehicle is being towed for criminal investigation, by having the ability to complete reports while waiting, we are able to provide more efficient use of time, which has deputies out in the county more, and will greatly reduce response time to other calls of service.

We will also benefit from these units when severe weather is present, we will have up to date radar maps available which will add to the safety of our county residents.

Deputies will also have the ability to obtain vehicle license information directly from these devices in the event dispatch is tied up with emergency traffic.

By making use of grant funding, we reduce the obligation on the local taxpayer while keeping up to date with the latest law enforcement technology. MDU’s have been used by other law enforcement entities for a number of years.


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