On 8-17-2015 over 70 USD #430 personnel were certified in First Aid, CPR and AED in the commons area at Horton High school by the Brown County Sheriffs office.

Sheriff John Merchant, Horton Police Chief John Calhoon, and Brown County Deputies Robbie Parker, Darren Meyers, Rich Lehmkuhl and Jerry Clary were the instructors for the class. With the completion of this class,over 400 Brown County high school students and staff who work directly with children have been certified in these lifesaving skills through the initiative created by Sheriff Merchant..

By statistic, children up to and including teenagers are more prone to life threatening accidents and injuries. By instructing and certifying teenagers and school personnel who work directly with young people, we are greatly increasing the ability for victims to be assessed and aided until trained medical staff can respond. This program also offers life time skills to students that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

This program has been made possible through donations from members and businesses in our community. Without their generous support,this very worthwhile program could not have been implemented for the benefit of Brown County residents.

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