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(Number of Inmates: 16 )

Holman, Derek Clayton Dale

Booking Number: B18000000406
Charges: 22-3716 Probation Violation: STAT|21-5915(a) Failure to appear: STAT|21-5915(a) Failure to appear: STAT|21-5413 Battery: STAT
Bond: 5000
Arresting Agency: Brown County
Date: 20180810 17:05
Age: 22, Sex: M, Race: W

Kahbeah, Jordan Elliot

Booking Number: B18000000413
Charges: S-536 Intoxication|20-1203 Contempt of Court.
Direct: STAT|21-5414(b)(1)(c2) Aggravated domestic battery.
choke in rude manner.
family member/dating relationship: STAT|21-5411 Criminal restraint: STAT|20-1203 Contempt of Court.
Direct: STAT|21-5909 Intimidation of witness/victim.
unknown circumstance: STAT
Bond: 16600
Arresting Agency: Kickapoo Tribal
Date: 20180815 02:19
Age: 34, Sex: M, Race: I

Neubauer, Robert Joseph

Booking Number: B19000000113
Charges: 20-1203 Contempt of Court.
Direct: STAT|8-262 Driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked: STAT|20-1203 Contempt of Court.
Direct: STAT|8-1567 Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs.
Misdemeanor: STAT|21-5706(b3)(c2)(B) Possession of hallucinogenic drug.
1 prior conviction: STAT|8-1558 Maximum speed limits: STAT
Bond: 10691
Arresting Agency: Hiawatha PD
Date: 20190325 16:08
Age: 31, Sex: M, Race: W

Pentlin, Crystel Michelle

Booking Number: B19000000149
Charges: 21-5915(a) Failure to appear: STAT
Bond: 300
Arresting Agency: Horton PD
Date: 20190411 02:28
Age: 20, Sex: F, Race: W

Rowland, Joshua Ray

Booking Number: B19000000096
Charges: 21-5503 Rape.
Circumstances unknown: STAT
Bond: 0
Arresting Agency: Brown County
Date: 20190308 12:47
Age: 40, Sex: M, Race: W

Winsea, Michael Anthony

Booking Number: B19000000125
Charges: 8-1543 Pedestrians under influence of alcohol or drugs: STAT
Bond: 2500
Arresting Agency: Horton PD
Date: 20190401 23:12
Age: 60, Sex: M, Race: I

Phone: 785-742-7125