Brown County Sheriff John Merchant would like to inform the public that the new “Senior Safe” booklets have arrived at the Brown County Sheriffs Office. This booklet contains a lot of very useful information and tips for senior citizens everywhere.

Some of the important topics covered in the booklet are: Contact information for for AARP, Senior Citizen Bureau, and U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services–Healthy lifestyles, health management and exercise tips– Home security and home safety pointers–Driving and travel planning and safety —- and one of the most informative aspects of this booklet is the Senior fraud and financial safety portion of the booklet.

Many unscrupulous people are preying on our senior citizens, trying to scam them out of their hard earned life savings. This booklet provides very basic simple tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of these financial crimes. If the situation arises where a person does fall victim, there is also information on how to report these issues with not only state and local authorities, but Nationally as well.

The Brown County Sheriffs Office fields dozens of scam complaints each week in which a majority involve people who are trying to scam senior citizens. We are very fortunate that we have had very few people who fall prey to these scammers, we feel it is largely in part due to the fact we have such a good rapport with our local media who keeps the public informed on a regular basis.

These booklets are completely free of charge at the Brown County Sheriffs Office and are made possible through the generous support of local businesses and individuals throughout our county.

Click the link below to see a sample.


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