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(Number of Inmates: 14 )

Steward, Avery Charles

Booking Number: B20000000223
Charges: 21-5709(b)(2)(e3) Use/possess w/intent to use drug paraphernalia into human body: STAT|21-5709(a)(e)(1) Possession of para w/intent to manufacture controlled substance: STAT|21-5706(a)(c)(1) Possession of Heroin opiate opium narcotic or certain stimulant: STAT|21-5706(b3)(c3)(A) Possession of marijuana: STAT
Bond: 0
Arresting Agency: Brown County
Date: 20200704 12:00
Age: 28, Sex: M, Race: B

Sweet, Brandon Niel

Booking Number: B20000000118
Charges: 8-1568(b)(1)(C) Flee or attempt to elude LEO by engaging in reckless driving: STAT|21-5801(a)(1)(b3) Theft of property or services.
Value $1500 to $25000: STAT|21-5412(d)(1)(e4) Aggravated assault of LEO.
Use of a deadly weapon: STAT|22-3716 Probation Violation: STAT
Bond: 125000
Arresting Agency: Brown County
Date: 20200325 14:47
Age: 37, Sex: M, Race: W

Thomas, William Alexander

Booking Number: B19000000384
Charges: 21-5813 Criminal damage to property.
Misdemeanor: STAT|21-5415(a) Criminal threat.
Unknown circumstance: STAT|22-3716 Probation Violation: STAT
Bond: 7500
Arresting Agency: Brown County
Date: 20190810 11:40
Age: 30, Sex: M, Race: I

Winsea, Michael Anthony

Booking Number: B20000000154
Charges: 8-1543 Pedestrians under influence of alcohol or drugs: STAT
Bond: 2500
Arresting Agency: Horton PD
Date: 20200519 18:41
Age: 61, Sex: M, Race: I

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