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This week, we are thankful for the citizens of Brown County. Our family…our friends… who day in and day out continue to show us support in what we do. Please remember those who will be working around the clock this Thanksgiving. The men and women of Law Enforcement, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Personnel that courageously […]

Topeka Rescue Mission Drop Off Locations In Brown County

With the threat of winter weather, we should all be reminded of those less fortunate than we are and try to make their lives a little better. There are families in need and no where to go, so anything would be appreciated. We have had a number of Brown County people that the Topeka Rescue […]

Brown County Sheriff Holiday Tips on safety

Some very valuable information to help keep people a little safer during the holidays throughout the year. SCAMS Unfortunately with the holiday season we see a definite increase in people who are trying to scam others. In order to make this season more enjoyable and productive I would like to pass on a few tips […]

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