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Brown County Sheriff Enforcement Period Feb 20th March 5th Stats

February 20 thru March 05, the Brown County Sheriff’s Office joined other Law Enforcement agencies in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma in an enforcement effort. Our statistics as follows: A total of 173 calls for service were performed in the 2 week period In those were: 28 Traffic Stops 19 warnings and 9 citations were issued. […]

Reminder for Aerial Applicators / Crop Dusters

The Brown County Sheriff Department has recently been receiving complaints regarding aerial applicators operating in the county. The Sheriffs Office receives these around this time of year and has pertinent information that needs to be shared with the public in the event of future issues concerning aerial application. Applicators who apply pesticides including Insecticides, herbicides, […]

Brown County Sheriff Teen Alcohol concerns

I would like to take this opportunity to address the issue of under age drinking parties in Brown County and some concerns that have been voiced on this issue by parents and teenagers. When complaints are made to law enforcement that teenagers are having a party involving alcohol, it is the duty of law enforcement […]

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