Registered Sex Offenders List (Record count: 63)

Name DOB Address Charges/Offenses
Adkins, Eric Christopher 06/20/1994 510 Kickapoo, Hiawatha, KS Commit Lewd acts upon a child under 16
Arnold, Shawn David 06/12/1990 425 W 10th St, Horton, KS Indecent Liberties wa Minor
Auckland, Daniel Joshua 12/15/1993 410 N 3rd, Hiawatha, KS Criminal Sexual Assault
Barber, Lennon James 06/28/1989 1321 1st Ave E, Horton, KS Attp Agg Solicitation of a Minor
Bauerle, David Paul 11/06/1958 415 S. High St., Fairview, KS x2 Agg. Indecent Liberties wa Child
BLANTON, FRANK JAMES 10/14/1982 117 2nd St, Hamlin, KS Attp. 1st Degree Assault
Bolen, Martin Neal 05/05/1956 704 Iowa St, Hiawatha, KS Indecent Liberties wa Minor
Bone, Cecil Ray 10/29/1954 318 S 5th St, Sabetha, KS
Aggravated Indeccent Liberties with a Child x2
*******************RMS ONLY**********************
Calhoon, Collin Dean 01/05/1994 10350 Sedgwick Rd, Atchison, KS Agg. Sodomy
*************RMS ONLY***************
Carson, Sean Michael 02/13/1987 1312 12 Iowa St, Hiawatha, KS ATTP SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A CHILD
CASTRO, ANTHONY LEE 04/07/1972 1567 Euclid Ave, Horton, KS Sexual Battery
Chancellor, Cassie Marie 09/14/1988 102 Sindel Dr, Holton, KS Attp. Indecent Liberties wa Minor
***********RMS ONLY ***********
Clark, Curtis Allen 05/02/1983 1509 Falcon Rd, Powhattan, KS Aggravated Indecent Libertiesw Child
Cooke, Timothy David 03/22/1994 209 Main, Robinson, KS Sexual exploitation of a child <18
Unlawful Voluntary Intercourse
Cowley, Brandon Michael 07/29/1982 1732 2nd Ave W, Horton, KS Lacivious Acts wa Child
Culver, Nathaniel Jason 06/29/1982 113 S Main St, Fairview, KS Eavesdropping
Curless, Matthew W 06/14/1978 1000 S 7th St, Hiawatha, KS Indecent Solicitation of a Child
Dafford, Russell A 01/28/1995 12898 Country Place Dr, Country Club, MO Agg Sexual Battery
Davidson, Sean Dustin 09/22/1968 310 Hiawatha Ave, Hiawatha, KS AGG. INDECENT SOLICITATION OF A CHILD
Davis, Jeffery Scott 12/24/1976 111 N 5th, Hiawatha, KS Indencent Liberties with a child
Deters, Terrance Merlin 10/06/1983 404 Roxanna St, Morrill, KS Agg. Criminal Sodomy with a Child <14
Duncan, Heather Nichole 01/21/1985 9126 286th Rd, Lancaster, KS Unlawful Sexual Relations
************RMS ONLY**************
Eisenbarth, Levi Eugene 11/14/1988 25945 H Rd, Soldier, KS Agg Indecent Liberties wa Minoru003E14<16
*************** RMS ONLY ***************
Entrikin, Natasha Nicole 01/04/1991 428 W 11th St, Horton, KS Indecent Solicitation of a Child
Epperson, Jeremy Ben Sr 03/15/1972 401 Kickapoo St, Hiawatha, KS Sex Abuse 1st Degree
Gardner, David Skyler 01/29/1995 310 E 12th, Horton, KS Indecent Solicitation of a child
Gray, Christopher Scott 04/29/1982 1120 Division, Atchison, KS Agg. Indecent Liberies
*******************RMS ONLY*******************
Grogg, Gerald Jay Jr 07/22/1973 1002 S 7th, Hiawatha, KS Agg. Incest
Hall, Noah J 06/28/1990 609 Lane, Falls City, KS Child Pornography
******************RMS ONLY ************************
Hall, Preston Lee 06/06/2000 303 Delaware St, Hiawatha, KS Rape
Hoecker, James Wesley 07/02/1985 206 Oregon, Hiawatha, KS Indecent Liberties wa Child
Hoffman, Daniel Robert 04/28/1979 435 E 10th St E, Horton, KS Agg Indecent Liberties wa Minor
Jacobs, Alden Lee 05/25/1957 1689 Central Ave, Horton, KS Indecent Liberties wa minor
Johansen, Lonnie Harrison 10/11/1971 308 Shawnee St, Hiawatha, KS Sexual Exploitation of a Child
Kelley, Sara Louise 11/17/1975 408 School St, Robinson, KS Oral Sexual Battery
Koenig, Jacob Andrew 06/01/1986 114 S 12th St, Hiawatha, KS Attp. Agg. Indecent Liberties wa Minor x 2
Large, Jeremy Hilbert 01/19/1977 319 N 9th Rd, Sabetha, KS Indecent Solicitation of a Child <16
**************RMS ONLY**************
Lee, Raymond Christopher 11/05/1972 101 Main, Robinson, KS Attp. Agg indecent Liberties
Lefthand, Darnell Wayne 03/13/1990 694 117th 117th St St, Horton, KS Indecent Liberties wa Child 14<16
Loveless, Clyde W III 12/05/1985 316 S Washington, Sabetha, KS
Sex Offense against a child, Fondling x 3
*******************RMS ONLY*******************
Manis, Donald Lee 12/13/1947 284 E E 14TH St, Horton, KS Gross Sexual (GSI)
Masqua, Dominic Dean 02/18/1987 681 120th, Horton, KS Agg Indecent Liberties w a child
McCartney, Steven Lawrence 10/09/1978 1125 Highly St, St. Joe, MO Satutory Rape 2nd Degree
******************** RMS ONLY ********************
McFeeters, Randy Lynn 11/16/1985 607 N 6th St, Hiawatha, KS Agg. Indecent Liberties wa Minor
McNett, Richard Leroy 09/13/1957 407 Delaware St, Hiawatha, KS Possession of Child Pornography
Middleton, David Lee 12/19/1960 130 W 9th St, Horton, KS Indecent Solicitation of a Child
Mikulski, Paul John II 01/14/1984 1701 North St, Seneca, KS Assault WI to Committ Criminal Sexual Conduct Involving Sexual Penetration
Mortorff, Dennis Wayne 12/15/1979 516 Main St, Sabetha, KS Att. Agg. Sexual Battery force and fear
**********RMS ONLY************
Peterson, Darin Alan 01/20/1974 2736 Sagebrush, Robinson, KS Indecent Solicitation of a Child 14 yoa
Pewamo, Jeffery Lynn 09/08/1963 500 W 15th St, Horton, KS Att Agg Indecent Libs W Minor
Ramirez, Joseph Raymond 03/07/1994 1403 Golden EAgle Rd, Horton, KS Agg Criminal Sodomy
Rose, Tyrone James 03/03/1976 1112 Miami St, Hiawatha, KS Solicitation of a Minor
Rudder, Aaron McKay 05/15/1981 1219 190th St, Hiawatha, NB First Degree Sexual Assualt
Sandeffer, Zachary Paul 06/04/1993 911 Iowa St, Hiawatha, KS Agg indecent Liberties w a child
Shaw, Nathanial Joseph 03/15/1984 511 Delaware St, Hiawatha, KS
APT 10
Agg Indecent Solicitation of a Child
Shopteese, Joseph Andrew 12/17/1991 413 Hillcrest St, Holton, KS Lewd and Lascivious
**************RMS ONLY*****************
Smith, Kevin Michael Allen 08/21/1989 712 Oregon, Hiawatha, KS Incest
Talley, Daniel Lee 06/09/1976 216 N Main St, Fairview, KS Agg. Indecent Liberties wa Child x3
Taylor, John Everett 05/06/1980 1112 280th St, Hiawatha, KS Agg. Indecent Solicitation of a Child
Walz, Charles David 09/17/1952 1703 Wilson St, Falls City, KS 1st Degree Rape of a Child
******************** RMS ONLY ********************
Wardrup, John Lewis 11/27/1984 205 N 8th, Hiawatha, KS Attempted Rape
Wist, Sterling Sage 02/14/1987 1115 Virginia St, Sabetha, KS Enticing a Child <14 to commit sex act
***************** RMS ONLY *****************
Wright, Jason Calep 07/22/1975 109 Roseport Rd, Elwood, KS
Sexual Abuse
******RMS ONLY*******